Why parents love Chelsea... 

"With Chelsea, my son fell into a natural routine, and she successfully weaned him from 2 naps down to 1 nap per day." 

-Talia S. 

"You were clear with your instructions; I love that you provided a schedule for me to follow. You were also very aware of any nuances that I might encounter during his sleep training period. When I experienced some bumps in the road, you were able to provide prompt guidance allowing me to be more in control of the situation. You gave me more confidence to understand my infant so much that I will take the lessons that I learned from this experience and apply it to the next time around." 

- Ilana S. 

"Chelsea helped to set a very normal nap schedule for my daugher, which was very beneficial." 

-Elyse L.

"Chelsea got my son on a feeding/sleeping schedule, she went above and beyond what I expected!'

-Tzion M. 

"Chelsea worked with me to help train my 5 month old infant to get him on a schedule. Chelsea studied his daily sleep, activity, and eating patterns and guided me to what the ultimate goal should be for his age. Chelsea is extremely knowledgable and experienced having 3 kids under 3. She had advice for me that related to play and eating which was helpful too as this all affects sleep patterns. Chelsea was attentive to all details including his sleeping area and what his routine was before putting him down. Chelsea's approach was not necessarily a 'one size fits all' approach, she worked with me as a team in terms of how stern or gentle I wanted to be to make this happen. She was very responsive and stayed with me until we got it right. I highly recommend Chelsea is you are wanting to put your baby on a schedule and sleeping through the night, it will definitely make your life as a mom much more manageable! 

-Brandyss K. 

"Magically she has trained my daughter to sleep unassisted and on a schedule that helps her to keep a fabulous attitude all day." 

-Dena G.