Journey Into a Prolific Reader

When Coronavirus hit and school closed I wasn't sure what learning was going to look like for my children. For Natan, I wasn't too concerned given the fact that he was in Pre-K and him being home meant the freedom to create and play all day. I know he was going to miss his class and seeing his teachers but academically he wasn't missing out on much.

On the other hand, for Shoshana to continue in her learning I knew I was going to have to put in the effort to make sure she (at least) stayed on track. Her school did a fantastic job curating a distant learning program in the matter of a few days in order to keep the children engaged in their curriculum but I still had a pulse on what she was doing and engaging in. Seeing her learning and engaging in curriculum was really neat. I had always been so curious of what she was doing in school all day and I was getting to experience a taste of that from the distant learning program.

I always knew she was good with language and thought, but I was finally able to see her use her abilities in a formal setting. I noticed little nuances in her, like the ability she had to focus so intently. It also very much helped that the students were always muted on their zoom calls so there weren't as many distractions as im guessing otherwise would be in the physical classroom. She was really able to grasp the material on her speed and level and which allowed her to skyrocket in her reading.

It was so neat watching her start reading picture books all on her own, then those picture books turned into small chapter books, and now into full blown human sized chapter books. She had the freedom to explore material in her own way and it just worked for her. Since being home for the last 5 months this child has gone from a first grader reading at a first grade level to a first grader reading at a 5th grade level. The collection of books she has read since being home is bigger than the collection of books I've read in the last 2 years.

She has established her own bedtime routine of showering, getting into pjs, brushing teeth, and getting into bed with her clip on bed light and just consuming so much content. I was never much of a reader growing up and so it amazes me to see a young child take it on so lovingly.

Finding books for her was a bit of a challenge at first since we aren't able to go browse at a library and had to figure out what books to purchase based on what I think she may be interested in and that were also the right reading level for her. I spoke to anyone I knew in the education field to get recommendations of books and eventually figured out what her current lexile range is since her reading level has been rapidly increasing. I find that knowing her lexile range is very helpful when searching for books online so I can gauge that the book won't either be too simple nor too difficult for her.

As part of our shop feature I have added a Shoshana's Reading List section where you can shop the books that she has read and even a few that she is looking forward to reading. The thought of this reading list is to have a curated reading list with of good reads. To a Kid by a Kid! I've also added the lexile level of each of the books in the description for you so that you can quickly decide if the book will be the right level for your child.

Happy Reading!

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