Change Is Coming

Halloween is behind us but the scariest is yet to come.... we push the clocks back one hour and that means the already early morning wake-ups will be even earlier. Before I had children this was one of my most favorite times of the year. Being gifted an extra hour of sleep on a Sunday morning was like a dream come true. Fast forward and this slowly became one of the most annoying times of year. What I used to dream about was snatched away from me and I had to now figure out a way to prevent my child from waking up at 5:00AM ready to start their day expecting a 6 course breakfast meal.

Go Into It Well Rested

The days leading up to the time change are crucial for making everything go smoothly. Now is not the time to be letting them have late nights or skipping naps. Over tiredness results in harder bedtimes or random wake ups. Having a well rested child before the time change will greatly improve their odds of an easier transition.

Let The Light Be Ever In Your Favor

For those of you who have read my blogs in the past or attended a workshop of mine you know that I stress the importance of lights when it comes to sleep. Both natural and artificial lights suppress melatonin making it harder to fall and stay asleep. Now is a great time to take out the night lights and turn off all electronics in their room before they go to sleep. It is dark out later so let the sunrise be in your favor. If your child starts to stir in the the wee morning hours and there are lights on they may have trouble getting themselves back to sleep.

Stick With The Routine

Keep bed time routines consistent. There is already a schedule change happening that you can't control and adding more change to that can really throw the little ones off. Having their bedtime routine stay the same will trigger that it's time for sleep and help them adjust much easier to the inevitable.

Be Patient

With adding an extra hour this means their bedtime will feel like an hour later. You don't want to create more stress to the situation so take baby steps. If bed time is usually at 7:30 you notice your child is feeling really tired and behaving extra "lovely" at 6:30 then go with it. Start the first time by waiting until 6:45. Then the next night try pushing it another 15 minutes until 7:00 and so on until you reach your child's normal bed time. It's always better to put them to sleep earlier then holding them off and having an extremely over tired child.

Treat the time change like you would any other sleep regression. You may see your child throwing more fits then usual. Try to remind yourself that this temporary and that they will get onto their normal routines quickly. Be extra sensitive with them and lend them extra support and hugs!

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