My Least Recommended Baby Sleep Item

I'm a border line addict when it comes to baby items. I could literally spend hours searching through the internet watching different demo videos of the latest and greatest baby gear. There are so many cool gadgets and items that it keeps me as stimulated as a toddler watching the horrific show known as Calliou (by the way I have full hearted feelings about this show that I won't get into now).

With my first baby I received all the standard baby shower items and quickly realized that aside from a stroller, carseat, pack n play, and crib, I didn't really use much of what was given. I think this is in large part due to me hating excess stuff and so I tend to use the same few items excessively in order not to have my house full of clutter. Although I sometimes still feel like I'm being swallowed by the amount of stuff of a 5 person household.

Back to my border line addiction. Even though I don't use a bunch of baby items I somehow get mesmerized by everything out there and how parenting is made so much more comfortable do to all these wonderful things.

There is one item though that I never had a desire for and that item is an oxygen and heart rate monitor for sleeping babies. These items are called Pulse Oximetry devices. It's the clip they put on a patient's finger in the hospital with the little red light and you may think this item would be the ultimate comfort when it comes to parenting.

I will disclose that when my son was in NICU after he was born and was hooked up to all the fancy machines and I was constantly looking at the monitor every time it said his heart rate or oxygen level dropped a bit. The very sweet and practical NICU nurses at Cedars- Sinai Medical Center did a very good job of bringing me off my worry mommy train and reminding me to pay attention to my baby and to stop looking at the monitors. That I needed to pay attention to my baby's cues rather then the machine telling me what is going on.

On top of making sure I was learning what my son's coloring should be and knowing his normal breathing patterns, they also reminded me that the monitors often beep when nothing is actually is wrong. This is because they are machines and machines malfunction for no apparent reason. The last thing the hospital staff told me was to please not purchase an at home pulse oximetry device. That it would just end up making me crazy and possibly cause us to bring us back to the hospital unnecessarily.

So with everything thing I learned with my own personal expierence and everything I have read about these machines I do not recommend them to parents and I also know that medical professionals also do not recommend using them.

Spend time with your baby and let you maternal and paternal instincts do some of the work :)

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