Welcome To Parenting!

You are either expecting or just became brand new parents for the very first time or brand new parents for the second, third, or fourth time. Either way, Congratulations!

The world of parenting is a beautiful, rewarding, confusing, scary, exhausting and an uplifting experience all wrapped up in one big package we call children. Today there is so much information and resources out there that enables today's parents to be extremely informed. At the same time it can also be very overwhelming to sift through what is relevant to us.

There are so many online and virtual communities that connect us together for support but often those online communities stay virtual and being a new parent, that can feel very isolating without the physical community to help. It really does take a village to raise these little ones.

I encourage everyone to step outside for their comfort zones and reach out to other parents and start to create a network of people you can grab a coffee with or have over for playdates with their children. Having a community of people will make this parenting world a lot less scary when you have people you can trust to help you or to blow off steam to about the toothpaste your toddler decided to rub all over themselves and the walls of the house.

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