Sleep Consultation

Package Includes:

1 hour Consultation, Nursery Assessment and Personalized Written Sleep Plan 

7 day follow up with unlimited text messaging 7:00 AM-10:00 PM PST.


1 scheduled 15 minute phone call 


During the 1 hour consultation we will discuss everything to do with baby, what their natural patterns are, your goals for sleep training, and I will also assess baby's nursery/sleep spaces. 

Following our consultation I will create and write a personalized sleep plan. The personalized sleep plan is a blueprint to guide you into achieving the goals we discussed during the consultation meeting. 

After receiving your sleep plan I will be available for a 7 day follow up via text message and 1 scheduled 15 minute phone call. Use this time to ask me any and all questions. We will also use this time to make any adjustments if need be.