The last 10 years has been a journey and I have evolved this website in more ways than I can count. Finally I've put all the versions of this site together in one nice package for all of you. What started as a daycare is now a blog, parent services, store, recipe list, and a very exciting and new element I can't share yet but will soon! Thank you to all of you and your support over the years following this journey along and welcome to anyone new.

A Note From Chelsea...



I am so humbled for my brand and for the community around it that brings it life.  This all started off as a daycare 10 years ago and has evolved into so much more. I am thrilled to finally be able to combine all the spinning plates to bring you everything in one location. 

My Husband has been my biggest cheerleader along the way. He is constantly pointing out the numerous families and parents I help in their parenting journeys whether it has been through my daycare clients, sleep training clients, social media followers, or friends/family/ community members. 


Finally, I took what he has been telling me all along and stepped back to recognize the amount of people I have had the pleasure of connecting with and how much knowledge I have gained over the years and have been able to share. 

My goal for branding, is to have a place where everything is compiled together to give you the best of the best!  I get tons of messages and phone calls asking about what baby/toddler items are the best, self care products to use, and recipes to cook. Even my mother-in-law has said to me "You are on your phone a lot." and when I turn the screen she is shocked about how many messages I recieve daily asking me all sorts of recommendations, questions, tips, or even to just talk it out and find a solution together.  Now everything is all here for you!

Thank you all for being here and I hope you enjoy!